Jon Bon Jovi Reacts To Richie Sambora Selling His Music Catalog

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In a recent interview on The Howard Stern Show, Jon Bon Jovi weighed in on Richie Sambora’s decision to sell his entire catalog, sparking questions about whether he would follow suit. When asked directly if he had considered selling his own catalog, Jon revealed that it hadn’t crossed his mind before:

“I have not. People sell their catalogs often but it wasn’t anything I’d ever considered.”

Addressing concerns about collaborative efforts, Jon clarified that while Sambora’s decision to sell his share wouldn’t directly impact him, it would mean that Sambora’s portion of any collaborative works would belong to the new owner:

“No it’s not. So if it’s a collaborative effort on any song then his share of it would go to whomever bought it. I guess it’s like buying a house, now it’s your house but mine is mine, and anyone and I have ever collaborated theirs is theirs.”

Pressed on the potential value of his catalog, Jon acknowledged its speculative nature and hinted at a significant price tag, contingent upon various factors such as timing and market demand:

“A lot. That’s all I can [say.] I mean it’s all speculative. It would depend on how anxious you were to sell it, at what time did you sell it where are you in the Zeitgeist, you know? And I have no desire to sell it.”

Sambora’s decision to sell his catalog to Hipgnosis Songs in 2020 raised eyebrows across the industry. The deal encompassed Sambora’s contributions to Bon Jovi’s iconic albums, as well as his solo endeavors and writing credits on other artists’ works, such as Cher’s albums from the late 1980s. While the exact figure remains undisclosed, previous indications suggested substantial monthly royalties for Sambora prior to the sale.

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