Jonathan Davis Says He Would Sacrifice Korn For One Condition

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In a recent Metal Hammer interview, the rockstar opened up about the balancing act between his music career and his family life. With his hectic schedule keeping him away from home, Davis revealed that his family is the one thing he’d be willing to put Korn on the line for:

“I’ve got music and my family. They’ve got to coexist. One’s not more important than the other. If it came down to my son or music, I’d choose my son! But sacrifices are inevitable. I’m constantly on the road.”

So, if the music ever stops, we now know why.

Fatherhood has brought about a seismic shift in Davis’ priorities.

These days, Davis finds solace in the quiet moments at home with his three kids: Pirate, Zeppelin, and Nathan. In an interview with the Orlando Sentinel, the frontman delved into how being a father has reshaped his outlook and its impact on his music:

“They’re the reason I keep going, the reason I’m still here.”

Despite the joys of domestic life, Davis will soon hit the road again for his solo tour, leaving behind the comfort of home for the roar of the crowd.

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