Journey Singer Arnel Pineda Shares Feelings on Band Reuniting With Steve Perry & Losing His Job for It

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In an interview with Rolling Stone, Journey’s current lead singer Arnel Pineda expressed his enthusiasm for the possibility of the band’s former lead singer, Steve Perry, returning. Pineda recalled his lifelong admiration for Perry, mentioning that he had waited 35 years to meet him and was surprised and honored when the meeting actually happened.

Pineda also acknowledged the unique and irreplaceable role Perry played in Journey’s history, citing fans’ sentiments of “No Perry, No Journey.”

He expressed his understanding of this perspective, given his own deep respect for original artists and their contributions.

When asked about the implications of Perry’s return, possibly affecting his own role in the band, Pineda showed remarkable humility. He stated he would be okay with stepping aside, emphasizing his immense admiration for Perry and Journey. Pineda also shared a personal anecdote about resigning from a job in Hong Kong in 2005 due to losing his voice from acid reflux, and how he regretted not having the opportunity to sing with Perry.

Overall, Pineda’s comments reflect a deep respect for Steve Perry’s legacy, an understanding of the fans’ attachment to the original lineup, and his own gratitude for being a part of Journey’s continuing journey.

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