Journey’s Arnel Pineda Recalls How Steve Perry Behaved When They Met

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In a recent colloquy with the Infectious Groove Podcast, Arnel Pineda, the eminent crooner of Journey, reflected upon his first encounter with the ensemble’s legendary vocalist, Steve Perry.

The interrogator lauded Arnel, to which he responded with humility, expressing his preference for Steve Perry’s vocal renditions over his own within the band’s harmonies:

“Immense gratitude, I’m genuinely flattered. To speak candidly, I find Steve Perry’s vocals more enthralling than my contributions to Journey.”

Upon further inquiry:

“I cherish the commendation Steve extended during his accolade at the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. It was genuinely heartfelt.”

“His magnanimity and altruism were beyond belief. The warmth with which he received me, our mutual embrace, and the sincerity in our gaze – it was palpable.

“His direct gaze bore into mine as he expressed, ‘Meeting you is remarkable,’ followed by his gratitude on stage, while I stood merely 18 feet behind him.

“He acknowledged my unyielding vocal dedication to the band’s legacy before an overflowing audience at Barclay Arena, spanning a decade.”

“That moment was transcendental, culminating a 35-year anticipation. I found myself momentarily paralyzed by the overwhelming emotion.”

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