Julian Lennon Claims Americans Were Oblivious To John Lennon’s Dark Side

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Julian Lennon, John Lennon’s son, recently opened up to Channel 4 News about his relationship with his father and the misconceptions people had about it, especially in America.

Julian expressed that although he deeply admired his father’s musical genius, it was challenging for many to distinguish between John Lennon, the icon, and the man behind the fame. When Julian toured America, he faced a lack of understanding about the complexities of his relationship with his dad. He recalled, “In America, many perceived everything as perfect, whether they were naive or just unaware of the reality.”

Discussing interactions with fans and others, Julian added, “People often came up to me without considering their words. I always tried to respond kindly, even if it felt awkward.”

Interestingly, when asked about the musical influence of his legendary father, Julian shared a cherished memory. “It wasn’t as much as you’d expect. One of my fondest recollections is visiting him in New York when he was with May Pang. We’d play the acoustic guitar together, and he’d show me old rock ‘n’ roll basics.” For Julian, these moments weren’t about continuing the Lennon legacy, but rather enjoying quality time with his dad.

While many assume a close bond between the two Lennons due to their shared talent, Julian paints a more nuanced picture. The truth is, while John chased stardom, Julian spent most of his time with his mother, Cynthia.

He stated in a previous interview how pivotal his mother was in his life, referring to her as the most influential woman in his journey.

John Lennon’s effort to mend the relationship came during the mid-1970s when he tried to reconnect with Julian. May Pang played a significant role in bridging the gap, facilitating a reunion between father, son, and Cynthia — their first in a long time.

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