Keith Richards’ fantasy four-piece band

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Each member of The Rolling Stones has played a crucial role in their success, but the band wouldn’t be the iconic force it is without the guitar maestro Keith Richards. His mastery of the guitar has spawned some of the band’s biggest hits, including ‘Satisfaction,’ ‘Jumpin Jack Flash,’ and ‘Paint It Black.’ Yet, Richards’ musical prowess extends beyond just the strings.

Widely acknowledged as a rock ‘n’ roll aficionado, Richards approaches the art form with utmost seriousness. While reveling in the joy of creating music, he pours his heart and soul into each composition, resulting in a sound that’s both elusive and instantly recognizable.

Richards places immense value on collaboration in music-making, shunning solitude to embrace the communal essence inherent in rock and roll. “This idea of separation is the total antithesis of rock and roll,” he asserts, “It’s the sound they make together, not separated. This mythical bullshit about stereo and high tech and Dolby, it’s just totally against the whole grain of what music should be.”

If Richards had the freedom to choose any musician, disregarding mortality, money, and logistics, for his fantasy four-piece, who would make the cut? Let’s explore the dream lineup he envisions.

Guitar: Chuck Berry

Richards has never been shy about crediting Chuck Berry as his initial inspiration for music. Recalling the transformative moment he first witnessed Berry’s playing style, it’s no surprise that Berry would be Richards’ dream guitarist. “When I started, all I wanted to do was play like Chuck [Berry],” he reminisces. “I thought if I could do that, I’d be the happiest man in the world.”

Drums: Charlie Watts

Richards holds drummers in high esteem, involving them in the songwriting process from the start. He speaks of the richness of the drumming landscape in music. Despite naming several esteemed drummers, he unequivocally places his fellow Rolling Stone, Charlie Watts, at the top of the list.

Bass: Bill Wyman

Staying loyal to his Rolling Stone roots, Richards includes Bill Wyman in his fantasy lineup. He emphasizes the importance of the rhythm section in writing, and for him, Wyman is “incredible.” Richards is consistently amazed by Wyman’s tasteful bass playing, considering him the top bass player.

Vocals: Aretha Franklin

When it comes to favorite singers, Richards gravitates towards those deeply associated with rhythm and blues. Aretha Franklin claims the coveted spot behind the microphone in his dream four-piece band. Richards pays homage to Franklin’s vocal prowess, stating, “The dictionary has been used up… What can I say about Aretha? You’re in, baby.”

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