The best bands in the world, according to Keith Richards

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Since the mid-50s the era of rock music started and by the time of the 60s rock music industry was already evolving and had many sub-genres including blues. Furthermore, there were numerous music artists everywhere so the music industry was heading at rocket speed and evolving.

Several bands changed the rock music industry for good and one of the bands that were really ahead of its time is the Rolling Stones. They were one of the finest and top bands ever produced by Britain because not many British bands were ahead of American bands and this was the band that broke the United States charts.

Later in the 60s several outstanding British bands started coming out with new and different rock genres. However, the Rolling Stones stick with to blues and continued rocking. Keith Richards, the founding member, and guitarist of the Rolling Stones is certainly a great musician with great knowledge of blues.

There might be no one on this planet who will dare to say Richards is not a good musician because he is a key member of one of the greatest bands ever. Not to mention he is considered the master of the guitar. With all his music knowledge he finds a few bands really outstanding, let’s look into the bands which are the best bands in the world according to Keith Richards.

These are the bands that Keith Richards listed as the best of all time

Richards has always spoken his mind and when he was asked what bands he considers the best in the world he named several bands one of the bands he named was none other than the band that was said to be the Rolling Stones’ rival, The Beatles. He said, “The Beatles, obviously. I mean, I sort of throw them in, obvious. I’m always caught with that ‘you’re top 5 favorites’ and everything because I realize I’m gonna leave people out. The other one is The X-Pensive Winos [laughs].

Another band that he said is the best in the world is Elvis Band. Talking about it Richards said, “I would start personally with probably The Hillbily Cats, Elvis band. The most amazing stuff and it was very early on.” He seems to love the band because he even praised the band saying that they were really amazing and it was something like the world turned colorful from black and white.

Furthermore, Richards also said that he always liked the band Small Faces and Humble Pie. Keith told, “I always liked Steve Marriott, very much from the English point of view. You know, The Small Faces and then he had Humble Pie.” Moreover, when Steve Marriott was in an interview with Best Classic Bands back in 1983 he said that Keith is the only one who he keeps in touch with and wants to talk to. He further said that Keith was always there for him no matter what.

It is really said that Steve died at the age of only 44 years old. He passed away on April 20, 1991. He died in a fire accident, reports have it that Steve lit a cigarette and fell asleep because he was drunk and tired. Furthermore, it took four fire trucks to put out the fire.

Lastly, Richards said that the band he thinks is the best is Dave Bartholomew’s band. Talking about Bartholomew’s band he said, “At the same time (as Elvis’ band) then Dave Bartholomew’s band that back up Little Richard, Fats Domino, that was a great band.”

Sadly, both Elvis and Dave are no longer with us. While Elvis died back on August 16, 1977, due to heart failure, Dave also died of heart failure on June 23, 2019, at the age of 100 years old.

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