Keith Richards Reveals Charlie Watts’ Final Request From The Rolling Stones

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In a recent press event announcing the Rolling Stones’ new album ‘Hackney Diamonds’, Keith Richards touched upon the deep void left by Charlie Watts.

Delving into the creation process of their forthcoming album, slated for an October 20 release, Richards discussed the unfamiliar territory of recording without Watts for the first time in decades.

As Jimmy Fallon, the event’s host, broached the topic of Watts’ absence, Richards expressed, “There’s an undeniable void without Charlie… he was our fourth pillar. His absence is profoundly felt.”

However, he also shed light on a significant recommendation Watts made for the band. “Charlie had once mentioned Steve Jordan as the go-to drummer in his absence. He had said, ‘If something ever happens to me, Steve’s your guy.’”

Richards further discussed the smooth transition with their newest drummer. “Charlie had vouched for Steve a long time ago. We’ve known Steve and I’ve collaborated with him in the past. So, stepping into this new phase was somewhat eased by Charlie’s endorsement, even though the void remains.”

While Charlie Watts couldn’t be physically present for the entirety of the studio sessions, fans will still hear his iconic drumming on two tracks of ‘Hackney Diamonds’, thanks to recordings made prior to his passing.

The album promises more surprises, featuring star-studded guest appearances from the likes of Lady Gaga, former band member Bill Wyman, and the legendary Stevie Wonder. Overseeing the album’s production is Andrew Watt, renowned for his work with eminent artists like Elton John, Post Malone, Ozzy Osbourne, and Iggy Pop.

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