Keith Richards Says He’s Still Dealing With Charlie Watts’ Passing

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The Rolling Stones band members were like family, the former bass guitarist of the band Bill Wyman revealed that even after he left the band, they still sent each other gifts and candles at Christmas and Birthdays. It shows how close the bandmates were and to cope with the death of somebody dear is really really hard.

Charlie Watts was the key member of the band even though he was not one of the founding members. His drumming skills helped them reach the level they are today. Watts’ bandmates have revealed that Charlie was the one who held the band together.

Back in September 2017, The Rolling Stones began the No Filter Tour and it was supposed to end in 2020 however, due to covid pandemic they had to postpone their tour. They then continued the tour in 2021 however, they announced that Charlie Watts would not be joining the tour because he underwent an emergency heart operation. However, after his operation on August 24 Watts passed away which was surprising not only for the fans but for the band members as well.

And recently in BBC’s series, My Life as a Rolling Stone, Keith Richards opened up and said that it was hard to cope with Charlie’s death. Furthermore, he said that he is still dealing with Watts’ passing.

Keith Richards talks about Charlie Watts’ death

As mentioned Richards revealed in the four-episode series that he just can’t imagine the band without Charlie. He said, “Charlie Watts. I’m still dealing with it. I can’t imagine The Stones without Charlie Watts. Charlie was the engine. He was the best drummer England has ever produced.” He continued, “People like Charlie Watts are very hard to put in a pocket. They don’t make pockets for people like Charlie. He is a totally unique guy.”

Moreover, as mentioned above, Charlie’s passing was surprising for the band. In an interview with CBS when Richards was asked if the news came as surprise, he replied, “It did to me, yes, absolutely, I think he’d been trying to keep it under wraps for a while last year so it came as quite a shock, He had a round with cancer a year or two before, but he beat that one. He just got hit with the double whammy. Bless his soul.”

Moreover, when Charlie passed away, the band was all set to resume their tour. And after Charlie’s passing, they considered postponing their tour again however, Richards then added that he felt like Charlie would have wanted them to continue their tour. Lastly, he was asked how was it to look back and not see Charlie there and Keith said, “It’s strange. To turn suddenly, and after all these years, you just expect that face.”

Steve Jordan replaced Charlie as their drummer but still since Charlie was playing with them for several decades, they still miss him, we all do. However, Richards said in an interview that Charlie’s replacement Jordan is also a really talented guy. He said, “I’m still sort of recovering, Charlie keeps cropping up and all that comes to the forefront of my mind is that cheeky little smile that I loved to get out of him.” he further said, “Yeah, man, it was a real blow but at the same time, things have to move on. His replacement Steve Jordan is something else as well.”

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