Kid Rock Slams Ticketmaster for Charging Customers Excessive Fees

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Kid Rock has voiced strong objections to Ticketmaster, criticizing the company for what he sees as excessive ticket pricing. In a conversation on the podcast “This Past Weekend” with Theo Von, he shared his concerns about what he perceives as unfair business practices. Kid Rock acknowledged his professional success through Ticketmaster and his appreciation for Live Nation, yet he expressed dissatisfaction with the high costs of tickets, attributing it to Ticketmaster’s dominance in the market.

He openly discussed the profit Ticketmaster generates from the resale market, highlighting how the system favors repeated sales over direct fan purchases. According to Kid Rock, Ticketmaster’s significant earnings from resales, which he claims exceeded a billion dollars last year, indicate a lack of effort to combat bots and scalpers. He expressed a desire for a more direct connection with his fans in ticket sales.

Moreover, Kid Rock criticized the lack of government action to regulate these issues, suggesting that government intervention is necessary to address the corruption and misuse of bots in the concert ticket industry. He dismissed the effectiveness of current measures like the “verified fan” program as insufficient, calling for substantial changes to protect artists and concert-goers alike. Kid Rock also took a moment to critique the current political leadership for not taking stronger action against these practices, implying that mere transparency about fees is not enough to solve the underlying problems.

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