Klaus Meine Says He Suggested The Scorpions Find A New Singer

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During a recent conversation with Classic Rock, Scorpions’ lead singer Klaus Meine reflected on the challenging period surrounding the recording of their 1982 album, ‘Blackout’. Facing a daunting time when he lost his voice temporarily, Klaus even contemplated suggesting a new lead for the band.

“Rudolf [Schenker] and the entire team stood by me during that phase. The situation became so dire that I considered the possibility of the band replacing me. But the unwavering support from my mates kept me pushing forward. I explored every conceivable option to heal,” Klaus shared.

He then spoke about a pivotal encounter. “I was fortunate to find a specialist from Vienna renowned for assisting opera vocalists. His expertise came at the perfect moment, and he played a key role in gradually restoring my voice.”

The journey wasn’t easy. After undergoing laser surgeries twice to remove nodules from his vocal cords, it took Klaus several painstaking months to be studio-ready again.

Looking back on his return, he said, “The anticipation was palpable when I set foot in Dierks Studios again. Everyone was eager to hear my restored voice. To everyone’s relief, the subsequent recording sessions weren’t just good; they were exceptional. Recovering from multiple vocal surgeries usually results in significant vocal improvement, both in speech and singing, and I was indeed fortunate.”

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