Liam Gallagher Shares What Noel Gallagher Lacks Since Oasis’ Disbandment

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Liam Gallagher recently poked fun at his brother Noel Gallagher during a Twitter interaction with his fans in response to a fan’s query. When Oasis split up, Liam believes his brother lacks the “passion and nerve” to sing.

After they split up, the two had a fairly chaotic and tense relationship. Never failing to criticize one another. Particularly Liam is unafraid to answer inquiries about his sibling.

Due to the volatile dynamic between Noel Gallagher and his brother Liam, Oasis disbanded. The band endured nearly 20 years despite having creative disagreements and financial problems, frequent member changes, the evolving music market, and other difficulties. Since the beginning, Noel insisted on having control over the band’s style and complete songwriting duties, which earned him renown and industry connections. Navigating Noel and Liam’s tumultuous relationship was necessary for survival in Oasis. Noel had the final say and frequently left, even though Liam was well-liked and required.

Again not too long ago, during a Twitter Q&A with his followers, Liam made fun of Noel by claiming that he didn’t enjoy kissing bum cheeks as much as Noel did.

This time, a fan of the social media site questioned the former frontman of Oasis about what he missed most about touring with his brother. Liam retorted that he missed teaching Noel how to sing with passion and vigor since he lacked those qualities himself. Liam believes that he was the one who infused Oasis’ songs with life while they were on stage together.

The user questioned, “What do you miss most about performing alongside Noel?

Lian replied, “Showing him how to sing with passion and verve.”


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