Lindsey Buckingham Reveals He Wants To Join Fleetwood Mac Again

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Lindsey Buckingham, who left Fleetwood Mac in 2018, recently said he’s open to rejoining the band if the chance comes up.

Sharing his feelings about possibly getting back together with the famous band, Buckingham talked about this during a chat with Conan O’Brien on SiriusXM, even amidst the uncertainty about the band’s future after Christine McVie passed away in 2022. He mentioned, “I’d be open to returning to the driving seat if the opportunity arose.”

Reflecting on his exit from Fleetwood Mac, Buckingham didn’t blame anyone but noted the unique circumstances of his departure. He said that although there were disagreements within the band, everyone had to do what they thought was best at the time. He remarked, “There’s no fingers to point at anyone, really. That’s rock and roll, right?”

Buckingham also spoke about the band’s ability to overcome challenges, pointing out that during his nearly 45 years with Fleetwood Mac, they managed to resolve their differences, even those more significant than the events leading to his 2018 departure.

He said, “Without pointing any fingers, it was certainly fairly singular in how it was driven. Others in the band were not happy with what was going on at that point. And I think everyone would have liked to see me remain, but did what they felt they had to do in that moment. And that’s understandable. There’s no fingers to point at anyone, really. That’s rock and roll, right?”

“I was in the band for almost 45 years and we were always – this is always part of our legacy – we were always able to work out our differences over things of which were far more profound than any issues that happened in 2018 with me departing the band.”

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