Linkin Park Will Be Back With A New Female Singer

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Jay Gordon, the lead vocalist of Orgy, shared some intriguing news about Linkin Park’s future during a chat with Mike Z. on the “Wired in the Empire” show on KCAL 96.7. Orgy, known for their early tours with Linkin Park and Gordon’s remix work on the song ‘Pts.OF.Athrty’ for the ‘Reanimation’ album, has a close history with the band. During the interview, Gordon hinted at a new direction for Linkin Park:

“They’re awesome people and an incredible band. Despite the years, they’re pushing forward. It’s obviously going to be challenging without Chester [Bennington], but let’s wait and see. I’ve heard they’re considering a female vocalist now, that’s the word going around.”

When prodded by Mike Z. about the band’s return and the new vocalist, Gordon cautiously added:

“Just to be clear, I don’t have all the details. But the buzz is that they’re thinking of bringing in a woman to lead the vocals. It’ll definitely be something to watch out for.”

Linkin Park has been on hiatus since the loss of Chester Bennington. In a 2022 livestream on Twitch, Mike Shinoda clarified the band’s current situation, emphasizing their occasional catch-ups but no concrete plans for new music or tours. He explained:

“As for Linkin Park updates, we’re in touch now and then, but there’s nothing big on the horizon. No tours, no albums, nothing like that in the works. Just to set the record straight. And I say this to temper expectations because any small hint can set off a wave of excitement. It’s better to avoid disappointment.”

Over the last year, Shinoda has kept the band’s spirit alive by collaborating with artists globally, resulting in the release of the ‘Already Over Sessions’.

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