Listen to Brian Jones’ isolated guitar for The Rolling Stones single ‘Get off My Cloud’

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The Rolling Stones have done their best to give the world full of music surprises, recently, they also made an announcement to collaborate with surviving members of The Beatles.

Anyway, there is no chance we will forget the Brian Jones times in Rolling Stones, being the founder and the lead guitarist he is the insanely great guitarist of his time.

After naming the band “The Rolling Stones” after Muddy Waters’ 1950 song ‘Rollin’ Stone’, Jones did a lot more to make this band one of the best in the whole music world.

Brian Jones has done his best to make this band the greatest of all time and his dream has already been fulfilled by now.

The writing cooperation between Jagger and Richards hit its peak in 1965 with the releases of “The Last Time,” “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” and “Get Off of My Cloud.” The Last Time, one of these original songs, peaked at number one in the UK and number nine in the US. On both sides of the Atlantic, the last two were the most popular.

“‘Get Off of My Cloud’ was basically a response to people knocking on our door asking us for the follow-up to ‘Satisfaction’,” Richards said of the pivotal year’s third single. “We thought, ‘At last. We can sit back and maybe think about events’. Suddenly there’s the knock at the door, and of course, what came out of that was ‘Get Off of My Cloud’”

“I never dug it as a record,” he added in a 1971 interview with Rolling Stones. “The chorus was a nice idea, but we rushed it as the follow-up. We were in LA, and it was time for another single. But how do you follow up ‘Satisfaction’? Actually, what I wanted was to do it slow, like a Lee Dorsey thing. We rocked it up. I thought it was one of Andrew Loog Oldham’s worst productions.”

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