Lzzy Hale To Front Skid Row For Select Shows This Spring

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Energetic force of nature, Lzzy Hale from Halestorm, is known for her relentless dedication to heavy metal and her readiness to support her peers, be it on stage or behind the scenes. She’s truly committed to her craft. Recently, she’s revealed she’ll be stepping in as the temporary lead singer for Skid Row during a series of concerts across the U.S.

This announcement was made through social media on March 27th, accompanied by a statement. It noted that Erik Grönwall, Skid Row’s lead vocalist since 2022, is taking a break to focus on his leukemia treatment.

Grönwall shared, “I hold Skid Row in high esteem, and I cherish our time together, but my health is my top priority. I feel myself getting better every day, but after talking to my doctor, I understand I need more time to heal. Unfortunately, this means I can’t fulfill my role with Skid Row, leading me to this difficult decision to step aside.”

Following Grönwall’s departure to focus on his recovery, Skid Row invited Hale to take over vocals for a four-concert stint this spring, from Carterville, Illinois, to Sacramento.

“It’s an absolute honor to be considered friends by Skid Row and a privilege to join them on stage. To Erik, I send all the best wishes for your journey ahead,” Hale mentioned in an Instagram post, humorously adding, “Now, the big question is, which leather pants should I wear?”

It’s important to note that Hale’s involvement with Halestorm remains unchanged. She will continue to play her guitar and perform with her band, especially as they promote their 2022 album, Back from the Dead, on a tour with I Prevail this summer.

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