Sebastian Bach Shares His Ultimatum To SKID ROW To Get Rid Of The BON JOVI Deal

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Sebastian Bach revealed that he nearly left SKID ROW early in their career after the band was required to sign over their publishing rights to Jon Bon Jovi as part of their initial success deal. Despite the massive success of their 1989 debut album, which went five times platinum with hits like “18 And Life,” “I Remember You,” and “Youth Gone Wild,” the agreement left a sour taste due to the financial arrangement with Bon Jovi’s Underground Music Company, leading to all publishing royalties going to Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora. Sambora later returned his share of the royalties to SKID ROW following a public disagreement.

During a recent “Wild Ride! With Steve-O” podcast episode, Bach shared his perspective on the matter, stating that the deal was made at a time when SKID ROW was eager for exposure, agreeing to give up their publishing rights in exchange for touring with Bon Jovi. Bach said, “We were desperate to break out, and touring arenas was a dream come true. But when I grasped the full extent of what we’d signed away, I was ready to walk away from the band unless the agreement was renegotiated.” His demands for a fair share of the band’s earnings led to a renegotiation of the deal, allowing SKID ROW to reclaim some control over their work.

Bach later reconciled with Jon Bon Jovi after years of tension, reflecting on the importance of Bon Jovi’s initial support for SKID ROW’s success. Despite his initial bitterness over the deal, Bach recognized that without Bon Jovi’s support, SKID ROW might not have achieved their significant breakthrough. A chance meeting with Bon Jovi in London, shared over dinner and wine with Axl Rose, led to a renewal of their friendship.

In recent developments, Bach released a new single titled “What Do I Got To Lose?” in November, showcasing collaborations with notable musicians like Myles Kennedy and Michael “Elvis” Baskette. The track, accompanied by a music video featuring a reunion with former SKID ROW drummer Rob Affuso, marks Bach’s latest musical venture since his 2014 album “Give ‘Em Hell.” His ongoing collaborations with artists across the rock spectrum demonstrate his enduring presence in the music industry.

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