Machine Gun Kelly Celebrates Victory Over Haters: ‘Music Wins No Matter What’

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Machine Gun Kelly is celebrating a victory lap after his introspective rap single “Don’t Let Me Go” soared past 6 million Spotify streams and 4 million YouTube views. Responding to fan updates, he expressed surprise and renewed faith in the power of authentic music: “Never saw that coming with a song like this. Gives me faith that real music wins no matter what people think about the artist.”

New Ink, New Attitude

MGK’s massive new chest and arm tattoo is stirring up a storm. While some fans are critical, the artist insists it holds deep spiritual meaning. Tattoo artist Roxx even praised MGK’s toughness during the lengthy session.

The “Razor” Guitar Cuts Deep

Controversy also surrounds MGK’s custom Schecter guitar, “The Razor.” Its unusual shape has been criticized for seemingly glorifying self-harm. However, Ronnie Radke (Falling In Reverse) and others defended MGK, questioning why artistic expression faces such selective scrutiny.

MGK has fired back at naysayers, frustrated that his work is often misunderstood. A heated exchange with Static Dress singer Olli Appleyard highlights MGK’s belief that artists should stir debate, accusing Appleyard of missing the point.

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