Mark Tremonti Confirms Creed’s New Music Plans After Epic Comeback To Live Stage

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Creed has emerged from a 12-year hiatus, igniting excitement among fans with the promise of fresh music on the horizon.

In an exclusive interview with Rock Feed, the band delved into their triumphant return to the stage after over a decade. Mark Tremonti, sharing insights into their future plans, acknowledged the persistent clamor for new material:

“The demand for new music has been relentless over the years, and now that we’re back in action, it’s just a matter of aligning our schedules to make it happen. The timing has always been crucial for us. This cruise has been three years in the making, and things escalated rapidly. While we’ve been focused on the event, there’s been a buzz around creating new music to complement our comeback. It’s inevitable that the next chapter will feature fresh tunes, especially given the anticipation from our dedicated fanbase.”

Creed’s resurgence was heralded by whispers of a comeback, culminating in a monumental announcement: their return to the stage would unfold aboard their very own festival cruise.

The inaugural performance kicked off with a thunderous rendition of ‘Are You Ready?’ before delving into a setlist packed with beloved classics like ‘Torn,’ ‘My Own Prison,’ and ‘Weathered.’

As the night reached its crescendo, the crowd joined in jubilant sing-alongs to anthems like ‘With Arms Wide Open’ and ‘Higher,’ punctuated by a special celebration for Tremonti’s milestone 50th birthday.

While specifics regarding new music remain under wraps for now, the anticipation lingers, hinting at the possibility of forthcoming updates in the near future.

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