Matt Skiba Shares His One Regret About Replacing Tom DeLonge In Blink-182

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In a recent chat on the Tuna On Toast with Stryker podcast, Matt Skiba opened up about his time with the iconic band Blink-182, and the one moment he wishes he could redo.

Back in 2015, Skiba stepped in to fill the shoes of Tom DeLonge, who had parted ways with the band due to personal reasons. Skiba’s journey with the band lasted until 2022, culminating when Blink-182 announced DeLonge’s return. Reflecting on his early days with the band, Skiba recounted a particularly awkward photoshoot. Without realizing, he had shown up in attire from Hurley, a brand closely associated with Blink-182, leading to a humorous misunderstanding with the band members who playfully accused him of trying to emulate Tom.

Skiba humorously shared the incident, noting the irony of him unintentionally wearing the brand during his first photoshoot with the band. This minor wardrobe choice became the one thing he’d reconsider about his tenure with Blink-182, wishing he’d opted for a different shirt to avoid any misconceptions.

When Blink-182 officially announced DeLonge’s return, Skiba took to Instagram to extend heartfelt congratulations to his former bandmates, Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, and Travis Barker. He expressed his gratitude for the time spent with the band and joy for their reunion, humorously hinting at a missed joke about the situation.

Additionally, in a conversation with Vulture, Skiba addressed some circulating rumors, clarifying that he didn’t feel betrayed by the band’s decision. He emphasized the mutual respect and friendship among the members, mentioning DeLonge’s previous support for Skiba’s band, Alkaline Trio. Skiba conveyed his contentment with the band’s reunion, cherishing the time he had as part of Blink-182.

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