Metallica bassist drops by independent record shop

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In the realm of a solitary music emporium, the proprietor’s senses were astounded when rock aristocracy graced their establishment in pursuit of an album.

Dean Poole, the guardian of Rocka-Buy Records nestled in Oakham, Rutland, bore witness to the presence of Robert Trujillo, the illustrious bassist of Metallica.

Trujillo, who found himself in the vicinity while headlining the prestigious Download festival in Leicestershire, undertook the acquisition of an Ian Dury album for the sum of £20, accompanied by four plectrums that had been utilized by the band during the festival.

Mr. Poole revealed that the bassist’s visit endured for approximately two hours, during which they engaged in convivial discussions centered around the realm of music. The proprietor expressed his admiration, stating, “He embodied not only remarkable musicianship as the paramount bassist of the most exceptional band in existence but also graced our modest Oakham sanctuary with his presence.”

Aged 57, Mr. Poole, who collaborates with his son to disseminate record appraisals through the shop’s social media platforms, further disclosed that the bassist had kindly submitted additional albums for appraisal by his son’s musical ensemble.

The genesis of the record shop materialized two years ago, birthed from Mr. Poole’s own personal narrative. Previously immersed in the culinary arts and assuming responsibilities as a caretaker within the NHS, he confided, “The onset of the Covid era left an indelible mark on my spirit. I traversed the realms of people’s homes, ensuring their well-being, only to unearth a plethora of disheartening circumstances.”

It was his son’s ingenious suggestion, driven by an eternal passion for the melodious tapestries of existence, that eventually led to the inception of the cherished establishment.

Mr. Poole proudly recounted yet another encounter with eminence, having ascended to the prestigious rank of a Champions League finalist on Ken Bruce’s Popmaster, a revered broadcast on BBC Radio 2.

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