Metallica Is By Far The Highest Paid Band In The Metal World

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Metallica, a renowned metal band, has been identified by Pollstar as the most financially successful metal band. This was highlighted in a list of the top 150 acts, using data from 1981 to July 2022. Impressively, Metallica has earned over $1.2 billion from ticket sales, standing out as the only metal band in the top eight earners.

The list includes other top-earning bands:

1. The Rolling Stones: $2.16 billion
2. U2: $2.13 billion
3. Elton John: $1.75 billion
4. Bruce Springsteen: $1.53 billion
5. Bon Jovi: $1.33 billion
6. The Eagles: $1.31 billion
7. Metallica: $1.22 billion
8. Paul McCartney: $1.19 billion

Additionally, estimates suggest Metallica could have earned about $6 million in Spotify streaming royalties in 2023, based on their increasing streaming numbers from 1 billion in 2019 to 1.6 billion in 2022, and a projected 1.25 billion streams in 2023.

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