Metallica set a record for the most attendees in a single event at LA’s SoFi Stadium

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On Friday, 25th August, the legendary metal band gathered close to 80,000 enthusiasts for the first of their M72 World Tour concerts there. The second concert on 27th August also saw a comparable turnout. In total, these two events surpassed the attendance of big names like Taylor Swift and even the Super Bowl, selling over 156,000 tickets.

The unique circular stage design might be a factor in their massive ticket sales. By moving the renowned Snake Pit to the stage’s center, it created extra room for attendees. As per Billboard, the ring-like stage featured eight towering monitor and speaker columns. Each of these towers also served as VIP areas with elevated platforms. These platforms had seating with the black-and-yellow colors, which resonate with the band’s recent album, “72 Seasons.”

The M72 World Tour began in Amsterdam in April and will run till 2024. Metallica’s approach is special; they perform two times in every city, offering distinct setlists and varying opening acts. Notably, their only UK appearance was at the Download Festival’s 20th-anniversary celebration in June.

Cliff Burnstein, Metallica’s manager, mentioned to Billboard that a vast majority of fans, between 80% and 90%, attend both concerts in a city.

Furthermore, a part of the event proceeds is donated to Metallica’s charity, All Within My Hands. This foundation aims to give back to their supporting communities by tackling issues like hunger. They also offer help during disasters and grant educational scholarships.

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