Michael Anthony Breaks Silence After Roth’s Attack Against Hagar And Wolfgang

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During the Q&A session at the Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp in March 2024, Michael Anthony addressed his relationship with David Lee Roth amidst Roth’s recent criticisms aimed at Sammy Hagar and Wolfgang Van Halen.

Anthony revealed that despite not having spoken with Roth for quite some time, their last communication involved discussions about a potential reunion, which took him by surprise. He recounted a call from Roth and Alex Van Halen, facilitated by manager Irving Azoff’s office, inquiring about his interest in a reunion tour featuring Joe Satriani on guitar.

Despite Roth’s unpredictable nature, Anthony expressed no ill will towards him. He acknowledged Roth’s eccentric personality but maintained that he harbors no animosity towards him, even expressing openness to jamming together if the opportunity arose.

However, Roth’s recent attacks on Wolfgang and Hagar have stirred controversy. In a YouTube video titled ‘This Crazy Kid…’ released in January, Roth criticized Wolfgang for allegedly complaining about not receiving enough attention during tours. Roth also claimed that Wolfgang had security remove two women he had invited to the stage during a performance in New York City.

Subsequently, Roth took aim at Hagar in another YouTube video in March, with lyrics disparaging the former Van Halen frontman. Wolfgang addressed Roth’s attacks during an interview, acknowledging himself as the new focal point of Van Halen drama following his father Eddie’s passing.

Despite the tensions stirred by Roth’s remarks, Anthony remains diplomatic, maintaining a stance of openness towards reconciliation and collaboration, even in the face of controversy.

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