Michael Anthony Criticizes Alex Van Halen’s Decision To Sell His Gear

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In a recent interview with Ultimate Guitar, Van Halen’s bassist Michael Anthony discussed Alex Van Halen decision to sell his gear and instruments.

During the interview, Anthony was asked about his current contact with the drummer and any insights into why Alex no longer wants to perform music. He expressed his surprise upon hearing the news:

“I was quite shocked when I heard about the auction he’s planning for early June. Someone sent me the link, and it looks like he’s selling everything, right down to his last drumstick. Honestly, I have no idea why he’s doing it.”

Anthony speculated on the possible reasons behind Alex’s decision:

“I know he’s still deeply mourning Eddie’s passing. Eddie was pretty much the only person Alex ever played music with.”

He elaborated on why Alex might be parting with his gear:

“I never knew Alex to be the type to jam with others or join different bands unless Eddie was involved. Maybe he feels that with his brother gone, he has no desire to play music anymore. But that’s just my guess. When I found out about the auction and looked into it, it was pretty sad. It seems like it’s truly the end of any potential tribute events.”

What Is Alex Van Halen Selling?

The collection includes over 350 lots featuring various memorabilia such as drum kits, snare drums, kick drums, road cases, drumheads, cymbals, gongs, sticks and mallets, personal items, record awards, autographed pieces, and more. Each item comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Alex.

Notable items in the collection include the iconic ‘5150’ tour kit, the 2015 final tour kit, vintage RIAA record awards, rare rosewood snare drums, gongs, an early band kick drum, and a piano from the Van Halen family home.

The auction began on June 1 and will conclude on June 9.

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