Michael Jackson Estate to Sell Catalog for Up to $900 Million

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Get ready for some music history in the making! The Michael Jackson estate might make a staggering amount of money with the sale of half their interests in the late king of pop’s discography.

According to a report by Variety, Sony and a potential financial partner are in talks to acquire 50% of the Jackson estate’s interests, including the musical catalog, publishing, the MJ: The Musical Broadway show, and the upcoming Michael biopic, for a whopping $800 million to $900 million.

Primary Wave Music already holds a piece of Jackson’s publishing, but Sony is making its move to get a slice of the pie. The company has been on a music catalog buying spree, snagging Bruce Springsteen’s catalog for $500 million and Bob Dylan’s for $200 million. This potential deal could put the Michael Jackson estate’s earnings in the record books. Get ready for the music industry to be shaken up!

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