Michael Sweet: Stryper Is The Most Hated Band Of All Time

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Stryper’s frontman, Michael Sweet, believes his band might be the most reviled in music history.

Formed in 1983, Stryper has faced criticism and hostility from detractors ever since. Recently, Sweet took to Instagram to reflect on the band’s journey and their ability to defy the odds, stating:

“Despite all the challenges, we broke new ground, shattered barriers, and overcame stereotypes, proving all the naysayers wrong.”

He continued:

“We might just be the most ‘hated’ band ever, but we’ve endured and are still going strong. We are The Yellow & Black Attack. We are Stryper.”

The Reality of Stryper’s Reputation

Sweet has often confronted negative comments and skepticism throughout his career. Addressing headlines that labeled Stryper as the worst band in metal history, Sweet acknowledged the criticism but also saw a glimmer of truth:

“These headlines, while amusing, reflect the opinions of writers who have never given us a fair chance, often forming judgments without really listening to our music with an open mind.”

He added that he finds “cool stuff” in Stryper’s music and takes pride in their sound:

“When I listen to Stryper (trying to be as objective as possible), I hear some pretty impressive elements. At the risk of sounding egotistical, I think Oz and I make a strong guitar duo, whether in the studio or on stage. Maybe I’m deluding myself and we do suck. But if this is what ‘sucking’ looks and sounds like, I’m fine with it.”

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