Mick Fleetwood On Christine McVie: ‘I’m Extremely Honored For Her To Have Been In My Life’

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Losing someone you’ve been with for many years can be a deeply painful experience. It could also be very traumatic, as the emotions we feel when we lose someone is very intense.

For a band, losing a bandmate is a difficult thing. For Mick Fleetwood, losing his bandmate, Christine McVie was an emotional occurrence as she was more than just a bandmate to him. On November 30, 2022 everyone was shocked by the passing of Christine McVie. She died at the age of 79, which led to lots of sonnets from her bandmates and other fellow artists.

McVie’s memorial service took place on January 9th and Mick Fleetwood had a speech. In his Instagram, he also added that he was together with Stevie Nicks and Linsey Buckingham to mourn her death. He shared on Instagram what he presented on January 9.

“This is what I presented on Monday, January 9, 2023, at the Celebration of Life for Christine McVie in Malibu, CA, where the band members, with their/our personal family and extended family of Fleetwood Mac, gathered. It was a beautiful tribute to a wonderful woman and an incredible talent.”

“I wrote this for Chris [the] night after she passed away. For Chris. This is the day where my dear, sweet friend Christine McVie has taken flight and left us Earthbound folks to listen with bated breath to the sounds of that ‘songbird.’ Reminding one and all that love is all around us to reach for and touch in this precious life that is gifted to us.”

“Part of my heart has flown away today… I will miss everything about you, Christine McVie. Memories abound; they fly to me. Thank you for coming today as we celebrate the incredible life of our sweet Christine…”

He has also shared that when the band learned about her condition, the whole band got together and hoped for her better health. Mick had written, after learning how they could lose Christine, they immediately came together with the hope and possibility that they would not lose Chirs.

McVie was a great part of Mick’s life. The loss of Christine is something he and everyone are trying to come to terms with. He says, she has really flown away. In this very sad moment, we celebrate her life. And all together here today, to help with our healing, he said. He added, “I’ve been blessed to be a part of a family that created a safe place for Chris and the band’s music to unfold. I am extremely honored for her to have been in my family’s life for over 55 years.”

The speech goes on…

Mick even honored her with a poem. It was an ancient Sanskrit poem that was given to him by his mother.

‘Look well to this day. For it is life. The very best of life. In its brief course lie all the realities and truths of existence. The joy of growth. The splendor of action. The glory of power, for yesterday, is but a memory, and tomorrow is only a vision.’

The poem continued… Then, Mick concluded with ‘Eternal love for Christine and gratitude’

It’s hard to cope with her death. After spending so much time together, being apart now, sounds like torture. This just shows how close the bandmates were. Fleetwood Mac is more than a band, its a family with years of memories and recollections.

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