Mick Jagger names the 2 modern artists who are the future of rock

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The legendary rock star Mick Jagger has cast his gaze towards the future, spotting a promising new wave in the vast sea of the music industry.

The iconic Rolling Stones frontman believes the dynamic duo of Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly are injecting much-needed vitality into the genre he helped shape.

In a captivating discussion with the Swedish radio station P4, Jagger noted an interesting aspect of the contemporary rock music scene.

He emphasized the critical importance of energy, a fundamental characteristic that, in his opinion, has been noticeably lacking amongst the recent influx of rock artists.

But Mick Jagger also gave listeners a reason to be optimistic. According to a report from The Independent, he identified Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly as the torchbearers of this energy, capable of revitalizing the spirit of rock music.

Yungblud, the young music sensation, has recently been making waves in the industry with his latest single “The Funeral.”

This new track follows his 2020 album ‘Weird!’, which marked a significant milestone in his still blossoming career.

Yungblud, in his pursuit of artistry, has repeatedly expressed his respect for and aspiration to mirror Mick Jagger’s long-lasting presence in music.

In a 2019 interview with NME, Yungblud offered a candid reflection on his ambitions, saying, “I’m not interested in fleeting fame, achieved through a single hit song, or indulging in extravagant lifestyles leading to a downward spiral.

My goal is to maintain a steadfast presence in music, much like Mick Jagger. To me, there’s a certain appeal to that path that’s impossible to ignore.”

On the other hand, Machine Gun Kelly, the multifaceted artist who has seamlessly transitioned from rapper to rocker, is currently driving the resurgence of pop-punk in the music industry.

This revival can largely be credited to his creative alliance with Travis Barker. Their collaborations have resulted in chart-topping albums like ‘Tickets to My Downfall’ and the recently released ‘Mainstream Sellout.’

These projects have not only garnered widespread acclaim but have also acted as catalysts for the rejuvenation of the pop-punk genre.

Kelly’s career, just like his music, is set to hit new heights with his upcoming concert tour. Joining him on this exciting journey is Avril Lavigne, who will be headlining the tour.

Additional acts include talented artists such as WILLOW, Trippie Redd, Iann Diorr, and of course, Barker. The much-anticipated tour is scheduled to commence this summer, promising fans a musical treat.

Adding to this jam-packed schedule, Machine Gun Kelly is also slated to perform at the renowned music festival, Lollapalooza, in July.

However, following a performance on Howard Stern’s show that left a lot to be desired, fans have their fingers crossed.

During the show, Kelly attempted to cover System of a Down’s “Aerials,” which unfortunately didn’t resonate with the audience.

They’re hopeful that he has learned from this experience and will avoid a similar situation in the future.

In conclusion, Mick Jagger’s outlook on the future of rock music, represented by Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly, paints an optimistic picture.

Despite the trials and tribulations of the music industry, these artists’ tenacity, talent, and relentless pursuit of musical excellence serve as an encouraging sign for the future of rock music.

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