Mick Jagger’s Girlfriend Claims Ignorance Of His $500M Fortune

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The Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger is in a loving relationship with Melanie Hamrick. Interestingly, Hamrick initially didn’t know who Jagger was or how wealthy he is.

AXS TV shared on X about the couple’s relationship. According to Hamrick, her life changed completely when she got involved with Jagger, but she wasn’t aware of his $500 million net worth. She said simply:

“My life has changed completely. I didn’t know he had a net worth of $500M.”

Hamrick’s comments sparked skepticism. Many people found it hard to believe she was unaware of Jagger’s wealth, with some accusing her of being a gold digger. One person remarked:

“She might have been surprised about the whole amount but not that he was filthy rich. She is an unabashed gold digger.”

Another pointed out Jagger’s luxurious lifestyle:

“Taking the private jet to lunch should have been a clue.”

A different user added:

“Sure she didn’t… Nice of her to cite that for changing her life.”

Engagement Rumors

Last year, there were rumors about the couple getting engaged. However, a representative for the Rolling Stones clarified that these were just “ill-informed gossip.”

According to The Mirror, Hamrick had been showing off a diamond ring at the American Ballet Theatre and telling friends she and Jagger were engaged. But Hamrick herself explained that the ring was a promise ring, not an engagement ring.

Jagger and Hamrick have been together for almost ten years. When asked about marriage, Hamrick said she wasn’t concerned either way.

Jagger has eight children with five different women, but only one with Hamrick. She has expressed that she doesn’t want more children, but it’s unclear how Jagger feels about it.

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