Mick Mars Is ‘Fantasizing’ About Hiring Slash For His Next Solo Album

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Mick Mars, the legendary guitarist formerly of Mötley Crüe, is brewing some exciting plans for his forthcoming solo project, hinting at collaborations that could stir the rock music scene. During a recent conversation with WBAB Radio, Mars shared his aspirations for his next solo venture, indicating a fresh musical direction distinct from his debut, ‘The Other Side Of Mars.’

Mars is contemplating a unique blend of talents for his album, expressing, “I find myself dreaming up different scenarios. Imagine roping in Slash, a good friend, just to have him come over and jam. And then there’s Doug Pinnick from King’s X for his incredible bass skills—not to sing, but to bring his unique sound to the mix. I’m curious to see what this fusion would produce. It’s all about taking risks for the sake of art.”

Mars is not resting on his laurels; even before the release of his first solo album, he’s already laying the groundwork for its successor. With four ‘substantial’ concepts in mind, Mars elaborated, “Music never really leaves me alone. I’m always in my studio, tinkering. For the next album, I’ve got four ideas that take a different route from ‘The Other Side Of Mars’—aiming for variety. The tracks I’m working on? They’re intense. They pack a punch that could melt faces.”

‘The Other Side Of Mars’ is slated for release on February 23. The album promises an eclectic mix, featuring contributions from notable musicians like Alice Cooper’s keyboardist Paul Taylor, Korn’s drummer Ray Luzier, and Brion Gamboa, who lends his vocals to tracks ‘Undone’ and ‘Killing Breed.’

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