Mike Portnoy Comments on Beyoncé’s Historic Grammy Victory: ‘I’ve Never Heard a Single Song of Hers’

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Beyoncé became the most-awarded artist in Grammy history.

Beyoncé solidified her status as a pop music icon with her recent historic win at the Grammy Awards. She took home 4 trophies, bringing her total to 32 Grammy Awards and making her the artist with the most Grammy Awards in history, surpassing the late classical conductor Georg Solti.

In addition, she now has 79 nominations, making her one of the most-nominated artists in Grammy history, tied with her husband Jay-Z. The news of her record-breaking win sparked a buzz on social media, even reaching the rock and metal communities. Mike Portnoy weighed in on the achievement by acknowledging his limited knowledge of contemporary pop music.

The drummer wrote on Twitter:

“Apparently Beyoncé just set a record by winning her 32nd Grammy…I am telling you the GOD’S HONEST TRUTH: I’ve never heard a single song of hers…for real!! (& before you come at me, that’s not a dig on her…just an example of how clueless I am to modern pop music) Go figure…”


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