Mike Shinoda Says Chester Bennington Wasn’t Like What People Thought

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In a recent chat with Revolver, Mike Shinoda reflected on the early days of Chester Bennington, shedding light on the evolution of their musical journey.

Shinoda reminisced about the origins of Linkin Park, initially birthed as Xero. As they delved into crafting music, the band gradually expanded, ultimately welcoming other members into the fold. Recounting their first encounter with Chester, Shinoda emphasized the singer’s initial demeanor:

“[Chester] was a different breed back then, far from the iconic, powerhouse vocalist we know today. Picture this: a diminutive figure, clad in unassuming attire, with a voice that hardly hinted at the seismic vocal presence he would become known for. He wasn’t belting out screams on records; instead, his vocals leaned towards aggression, yet it wasn’t his primary forte.”

Shinoda elaborated on the collaborative efforts between himself and Bennington in shaping Linkin Park’s sonic identity:

“He and I embarked on a journey to unearth the essence of our band’s DNA. It was a process of trial and error, navigating through moments of brilliance and missteps. But amidst the experimentation, we stumbled upon gems that resonated with us, laying the foundation for our signature sound.”

Reflecting on Bennington’s vocal prowess, Shinoda confessed in an earlier interview with Splice that he initially underestimated the depth of Chester’s talent. However, as their partnership blossomed, Shinoda recognized the innate brilliance in Bennington’s singing. Together, they embarked on a quest to unearth Chester’s authentic voice, steering away from emulation towards self-discovery.

Throughout their collaboration, Shinoda consistently praised Bennington’s vocal versatility, underscoring their shared commitment to pushing creative boundaries. Through experimentation and dedication, Bennington transitioned from mimicking others to embracing his unique vocal identity, a testament to their enduring musical partnership.

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