Mr. Big Guitarist Paul Gilbert Admits He Was Intimidated By George Harrison

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Paul Gilbert recently chatted with Positive Grid about the profound impact The Beatles, and specifically George Harrison, had on modern guitar sounds. He reminisced:

“When I first listened to The Beatles as a young boy, I couldn’t differentiate between the guitar and bass. All I heard was captivating vocals, compelling songs, and sheer excitement. As I grew older, my musical ear refined, and I began to discern specific riffs that really caught my attention.”

He mentioned two tracks that were particularly memorable for him, highlighting one where Harrison’s guitar fills left a deep impression. He added:

“‘Paperback Writer’ has a distorted tone, hinting at rock, contrasting with their earlier country-like vibe. Just recently, I listened to ‘Act Naturally,’ where Ringo takes the vocals. The guitar fills, presumably by Harrison, were so intricate – they reminded me of the ‘country gentleman’ style.”

Paul confessed that Harrison’s unique touch in The Beatles’ songs is something he’s not well-acquainted with, admitting:

“I tried learning the intro, and it was quite a challenge. Their style is out of my comfort zone. When you think about The Beatles, it’s more about what they didn’t explore – which isn’t much. Their range was vast.”

And Paul isn’t alone in his admiration for Harrison. Guitar legend Joe Satriani spoke to Face Culture, emphasizing how Harrison chose to play expressively rather than flaunt technical prowess. He remarked:

“My guitar heroes, be it Hendrix or Harrison, had a distinctive approach. They prioritized emotive playing over technical showmanship.”

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