‘[My] children don’t need $500 million’: Mick Jagger says Rolling Stones have no plans to sell music catalog

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Mick Jagger, the legendary Rolling Stones frontman, recently shared with the Wall Street Journal that the band has no intention of selling their impressive music catalog.

This decision contrasts with the recent moves by artists like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, who sold their catalogs for substantial sums. Jagger’s rationale is straightforward: neither he nor his eight children, whose ages range from 52 to 6 years old, require such a vast fortune.

Jagger’s philosophy on wealth echoes sentiments shared by other affluent celebrities. For instance, actor Daniel Craig, known for his role as James Bond, expressed a distaste for leaving immense wealth to offspring, aligning with the idea that dying rich might indicate a life of missed opportunities for generosity.

Similarly, Warren Buffett, the billionaire investor, advocates for a balanced approach in bequeathing wealth to children, ensuring they have enough to thrive but not so much that they lack motivation to work or contribute meaningfully to society.

Buffett’s stance is reflected in his commitment to philanthropy over increasing his children’s inheritances.

In addition to discussing his views on wealth, Jagger also reflected on the Rolling Stones’ innovative approaches in their career, like pioneering large-scale arena and stadium tours with their custom stages and sound systems.

These decisions, Mick Jagger notes, have paid off in the long term, solidifying the Stones’ legacy as not just musical icons but also savvy business strategists.

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