Nancy Wilson Announces Axl Rose Is The New Singer Of Heart

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Nancy Wilson announced that Heart is now ready to go on tour. The last time fans saw Heart perform live was in 2019 at the Love Rocks NYC benefit concert. In an interview with Madhouse News, Nancy stated that she wishes to take a trip out on a road this year with her new band “Nancy Wilson’s Heart” and she also cleared that her sister Ann Wilson is not in the band.

Furthermore, she revealed Guns N’ Roses vocalist Axl Rose will be replacing her sister Ann on the vocals. However, he will also manage his schedule and sing for his band and others. Clearly, Nancy will rock on the guitar, and Axl will handle all the other instruments as well as vocals.

Nancy jokingly said that she hopes Axl will not kick her out of the band. She said, “He is literally a one-man band, I hope he doesn’t kick me out of the band and start Axl Rose’s Heart.”

Dispute between Ann and Nancy

Everyone’s enlightened that the sisters are not on such good terms, and their last tour was also canceled for the same reason: they could not come to an agreement. They also broke the band in 2016 after they had a dispute over a sweater. Apparently, Ann wore Nancy’s favorite sweater and stretched it.

After that, the two sisters finally reunited in 2019. However, it seems that they can’t put aside their differences after all. Ann stated that she will be creating her own band with Guns N’ Roses vocalist and said that her band will be better than her sister’s.

Talking about joining the band, Axl Rose said in an interview with Madhouse News that it was really wonderful for him to join a truly great band. He went on to say that it was also very exciting for him and that he couldn’t wait to play with the band. Other than Heart, he has also worked with the legendary Australian rock band AC/DC.

Axl Rose in between AC/DC

Since the original vocalist of the band, Brian Johnson, had to leave the band due to a hearing problem, they needed someone to fill in for him, and on their 2016 tour, Johnson was replaced by Axl Rose. And while Brian was told that Rose did a “great job,” it was still hard for him to grasp the fact that Rose replaced him, and he couldn’t bring himself to watch Rose perform.

He wrote in his book The Lives of Brian, “But I couldn’t watch – especially when you’ve been doing it for 35 years. It’s like finding a stranger in your house, sitting in your favourite chair. But I bear no grudges. It was a tough situation.”

Furthermore, he also admitted that when seeing the band’s statement about Rose, he could not “relax or concentrate on anything.” Axl Rose also addressed Brian’s condition, saying it’s a terrible thing and wishing him well. He also admitted to having doubts about his ability to complete the task.

Although AC/DC did not tour after 2016, Brian and his band reformed in 2020 to record their new album Power Up.


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