Neil Peart’s Sister Nancy On Keeping Neil’s Struggle As A Secret

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Neil Peart, the iconic drummer for Rush, had his life’s rhythm disrupted when he was diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer.

Three years after his diagnosis, the world was left in mourning as it lost one of the greatest drummers of all time.

Yet, a lesser-known struggle during those three years was the weight of secrecy borne by his family, a poignant story shared by Neil’s sister, Nancy Peart, in an intimate conversation with Etcetera’s Kelly Barrett.

In the emotional interview, Nancy shed light on the emotional toll the silence took on the family. When asked about their readiness for Neil’s eventual departure, Nancy expressed, “For over three years, we lived in the shadow of the inevitable. When it finally happened, the world wasn’t aware. We had to maintain a silent vigil for about a week before making it public.”

The challenge, however, was in the timing. She recounted, “We were given just 10 minutes. Ten minutes to share the heartbreaking news with friends and family we’d kept in the dark for years. Imagine admitting in such a short span that we’d been masking the painful truth. That week was like a relentless storm, knowing the truth and yet not being able to share the anguish.”

Neil’s passing was made public three days after, but what Nancy recalls most vividly is the whirlwind that those 10 minutes became. “The world felt as though it stood still. Who did I call? Whom did I message? As the news spread, it felt like an echo reverberating around the globe. Just as one of my dearest friends acknowledged my message, the radio broadcasted it. The phone calls, the messages – they were incessant. Everyone connected to us knew the profound bond we shared with Neil for 45 years. The sorrow wasn’t ours alone; it belonged to every heart that beat to Neil’s drumming.”

The aftermath was equally overwhelming. “Our phones were inundated with messages of condolences. My daughter, herself rooted in the world of music, took a break from the chaos. She channeled her grief into a touching tribute, ‘Radio Silence’, which resonated with many during the memorial event ‘A Night For Neil’. That week blurred the lines between reality and a dream.”

The secrecy surrounding Neil’s condition, the intensity of those 10 minutes, and the subsequent wave of grief is a testament to the impact he had on so many lives.

His legacy is not just in the beats he left behind, but also in the memories etched in the hearts of those who knew him.

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