Neil Young Leaves Twitter Over Elon Musk’s Controversial Comments

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Neil Young has decided to leave a prominent social media platform, formerly known as Twitter, due to controversial statements made by its owner, Elon Musk, which have been widely criticized as antisemitic.

In a statement on his personal website, Young announced the cessation of all interactions with the platform that are within his control. He expressed his decision as a direct response to actions by Musk, whom he subtly referenced as the “richest man on Earth.”

This move by Young adds him to a growing list of entities boycotting the platform. Notable companies such as Apple and Disney have made similar decisions following Musk’s endorsement of a social media post that accused “Jewish communities” of promoting “hatred against whites.”

Further details include Musk’s rebuttal to these accusations, emphasizing his non-antisemitic stance and his aspirations for a bright future for humanity. Despite his defense, several major corporations like Warner Bros. Discovery, Paramount Global, Lions Gate Entertainment, and Comcast have also temporarily halted their advertising on the platform.

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