Nick Mason Admits Deleting Paul McCartney’s Vocals From A Pink Floyd Song

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Paul McCartney and his wife Linda nearly sang along to one of Pink Floyd’s songs, according to an unusual incident that Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason recently revealed with The Sun. Abbey Road was a busy recording facility in the 1970s that was frequented by both Pink Floyd and the McCartney family.

In the early to mid-1970s, Abbey Road was a spot where you would see the bustling McCartney family entering and exiting, as well as a youthful, maybe cranky Pink Floyd entering the studio to record the music that would enthrall the following several generations of rock lovers.

For the band, writing “The Dark Side of the Moon” was both fun and difficult, with Roger Waters providing the artistic direction. Although Nick Mason had some reservations about one specific feature of the album, it is not unexpected that Waters frequently claimed most of the credit. Mason insisted that he was the one who added the sound of pre-decimal coins to the song “Money,” while Waters claimed responsibility. Mason and Waters frequently disagreed about who actually thought up the concept, although Mason said he was the inventor.

Mason noted that, despite Waters’ claims to the contrary, he was the one who had the idea to use the pre-decimal currency sound in the song “Money.” The ex-bandmates would debate who truly had the idea first whenever they got together and spoke, but it was ineffective since the drummer was fairly certain about his position.

The rocker then dug into the ‘Money’ tapes, revealing how Lady and Macca McCartney, who was also recording there at the time, almost made an appearance in the song during the passage when random voice samples accompanied the music. Paul and Linda’s voices were distinctive, though, so they opted not to utilize them.

Pink Floyd’s drummer on their argument with Roger Waters and nearly included Paul:

“Well, Roger and I discuss this [taking credit for the coil sounds] at length almost every time we meet, but I definitely made it, yes!

[He continues by discussing how the McCartneys’ voices almost made it into ‘Money’] But they were too distinctive. We didn’t want people to pick up on a celebrity element. Interestingly enough, Henry McCullough [Wings guitarist] and his wife were used on our record.”

Pink Floyd finally opted against having the McCartneys make a cameo on “The Dark Side of the Moon,” despite the fact that it would have been intriguing. They believed that the inclusion of well-known rock singers in the song “Money” would detract from its critique of capitalism and obscure its anti-capitalist themes.

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