Nick Mason Names Pink Floyd’s Real Leader

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Nick Mason, the drummer of Pink Floyd, recently sat down for a chat with ABC Radio Melbourne and reminisced about the band’s early years. He shed light on the evolution of leadership within the group. Mason mentioned:

“In the beginning, it was unmistakably the Syd Barrett phase. Syd was the heart of our sound, unequivocally steering the direction. However, as time passed and Syd left, the reins were picked up by David [Gilmour] and Roger [Waters], with Roger’s songwriting coming to the fore.”

Nick emphasized that, despite Syd’s departure, his influence permeated the band’s subsequent chart-toppers. He observed:

“The fascinating aspect of our early tracks is seeing their connection to later masterpieces like ‘Wish You Were Here’ and ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’. Those foundations were undeniably set in our initial compositions.”

A recent documentary titled ‘Have You Got It Yet? The Story of Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd’ delves into the life and musical journey of Pink Floyd’s original frontman. On Barrett’s significance, Nick noted:

“It’s hard to capture in words just how instrumental he was to our creative ethos. He truly was our driving creative force.”

David also contributed to the documentary, reflecting on missed opportunities regarding Syd’s battles with mind-altering substances. The vocalist shared:

“We tried our best to be there for him… Still, there are moments I wish I’d done differently. Like visiting him at home. It’s a missed chance, both for Syd and me. A simple chat over tea might have made a world of difference.”

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