Nikki Sixx says Vince Neil sounds like Robert Plant

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Bassist Nikki Sixx compared Motley Crue’s vocalist Vince Neil’s voice with Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant.

In a video chat interview with Yahoo Entertainment to promote his new memoir The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx, he took some time to talk about his early years, his experience in high school, and how he ended up joining Motley Crue. He acknowledged that the idea for most of his songs came from his experiences.

Sixx had previously said that the theme of “Live Wire” in particular was influenced by domestic abuse, which was a part of his childhood and contributed to why Neil was the best singer for the group.

As the discussion progressed, they came to a specific moment when Sixx explained why Neil is in fact the perfect vocalist for the band.

He said, “With Motley Crue, Vince has this amazing, unique voice — sometimes like Robert Plant, Perry Farrell… they have these interesting voices that are… they’re not pitchy, they’re just raw and just kind of on top.”

He appreciated and understood the singer’s voice, which is one reason the band’s composing process works well with Neil’s voice in mind.

Sixx added, “When we’re doing demos, I’ll sit in the studio with Tommy [Lee] and we will get it so that it sounds like this song… he delivers it, he owns it.”

The Motley Crue bassist believed Vince Neil’s voice was perfect for all of the band’s well-known songs since he appreciated it so much.

The complete interview is available to watch below.

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  1. Sixx is a freakin’ dumb a$$. Neal would only sound like Plant if the record setting premier vocalist had food poisoning, if you get my meaning.
    This past year is when I saw what a douchbag Sixx is. He insults and ostracizes Mars who covered Sixx’s mediocre abilities, and tries to throw other performers under the bus when he’s not good enough to carry their soiled rubbers.
    Stop giving this moron so much attention. He actually thinks he and his spew matters.

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