Noel Gallagher names his dream supergroup: “I’d pay to be in that band”

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When you think of assembling a musical dream team, Noel Gallagher’s vision would be akin to the Avengers of rock ‘n’ roll.

The ex-Oasis maestro, now steering the ship for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, recently mused about creating a supergroup. More excitingly, he dished on who he’d want to jam with if he got the chance.

In a candid chat with The Mirror, Gallagher mused:

“Would I hop into a supergroup? In a heartbeat. But pioneer one from scratch? That’s a tougher call. As for my dream lineup? Sharing the stage with [Paul] Weller or Johnny [Marr] would be electric. And throw Ringo and Macca into the mix on bass… it’d be an auditory fireworks display.”

With palpable excitement, he continued, “Visualize rocking out with legends like Ringo and Macca. The mic? It’d be everyone’s playground. Heck, I’d shell out to be in that mix. Someone dial up Harvey Goldsmith for me!”

It’s no secret that Gallagher’s reverence for the Beatles has painted the canvas of his music career.

He’s not just a fan, but he’s collaborated with iconic band members in the past. Back in ’95, alongside Paul McCartney and Paul Weller, he breathed new life into “Come Together” for the HELP album, championing the War Child cause.

He even serenaded guests at Stella McCartney’s milestone 50th birthday celebration.

Moreover, Johnny Marr, the celebrated Smiths’ guitarist, and Gallagher share a rich tapestry of collaborations.

While Marr sprinkled his magic on Gallagher’s Council Skies album, he also put his touch on Oasis’ Heathen Chemistry.

The duo’s partnership extended to Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ tracks, namely “Ballad of the Mighty I” and “If Love Is the Law”. The rock world awaits its next symphony.

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