Noel Gallagher On State Of Music Industry: “Great Rock Stories Like Oasis Aren’t Possible Anymore”

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Noel Gallagher believes that the era of iconic band success stories has waned. He emphasizes that today’s aspiring musicians should be driven by their genuine love for the craft, rather than chasing fame.

Recalling the journey of Oasis, who catapulted to stardom from Manchester’s council estates, Noel feels such rags-to-riches tales of rock bands are becoming rarer. In a chat with Gibson TV, he mentioned, “The legendary stories we’ve seen in documentaries aren’t feasible today. I doubt we’ll see another tale like ours from a council estate.”

However, Noel remains optimistic. He notes, “If you’re talented, you’ll shine. The music industry has evolved, but talent remains pivotal.”

Elaborating on the current state of the music world, the ex-Oasis lead and now High Flying Birds frontman expressed that while bands may find it tougher to rise to prominence, the essence of good songwriting remains irreplaceable. He advises, “Focus on songwriting. There’s no sure formula for success. But if you’re passionate about creating music, keep crafting songs. Share them, let others hear, and find your medium to broadcast them.”

He further adds, “Don’t jump into music aiming for fame. The joy of creating a beautiful piece of music is the true prize. For instance, the most cherished aspect of my song ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ is the melody itself. When alone, I hum it to myself, and that’s my reward.”

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds has released a new album, “Council Skies”. Details about their upcoming UK tour are available for fans.

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