Oasis: Why Noel Gallagher hates all heavy metal bands

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Noel Gallagher is a straight-shooter, a man known for his forthrightness, never one to disguise his feelings. If he harbors a dislike towards something, he makes it known in no uncertain terms. This characteristic trait has sparked many public squabbles over the years. However, since the heyday of the 1990s, it appears that Gallagher’s candidness has only increased, leading to a somewhat lengthy catalog of musicians and artists that have unfortunately fallen out of his good graces.

Among the more notable names that have failed to secure his favor are Phil Collins, Harry Styles, and Sam Smith. Gallagher is a man of refined tastes, holding his musical preferences to high standards. In fact, his dislike extends so broadly that he even detests an entire musical genre: heavy metal.

Over time, Noel Gallagher has consistently recognized the same cluster of bands as key influences on his musical style. This esteemed list includes The Beatles, The Stone Roses, and The Smiths. However, when probed about his musical preferences that veer away from these classic rock icons, Gallagher unhesitatingly expressed his loathing for heavy metal, along with its varied sub-genres.

While he does harbor some appreciation for the pioneering bands of the genre, like Led Zeppelin, Gallagher has frequently made it clear that he finds both the musicians and fans within the heavy metal genre to be wholly intolerable. He described his aversion to the genre in no uncertain terms, noting that he’s never really had the patience for heavy metal, even going so far as to label it as “gothic music”.

He went on to comment on the genre’s tendencies towards nihilism and self-destruction, arguing, “They slit their wrists for a reason. All that nihilism, whatever the hell you call it.” Despite his pronounced disdain for heavy metal, Gallagher maintains that his musical tastes are generally quite diverse.

Interestingly, even though Gallagher doesn’t harbor any particular fondness for heavy metal, the genre itself seems to hold him in high regard. Lars Ulrich of Metallica, a notable figure within the heavy metal scene, has consistently showered Oasis, Gallagher’s band, with accolades. Ulrich has even invited Gallagher as a guest on his radio show on numerous occasions.

But it’s not all about disdain and dislike when it comes to Gallagher’s public statements about other artists and genres. The frontman for the High Flying Birds is also known to heap praise upon his preferred musicians and colleagues. To give you an idea, here’s a look at Noel Gallagher’s top 10 favorite rock bands of all time.

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