Ozzy Osbourne Says Paul McCartney Is His Idol

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Metal Hammer arranged for Tenacious D to interview Ozzy Osbourne, and the conversation commenced with Ozzy’s first experiences. The conversation shifted to the best concert Ozzy had ever attended. He shared:

“I think Paul McCartney. He’s my idol, you know. I was once explaining to a reporter the way that I felt about McCartney and The Beatles and you know what? This kid says, ‘That’s the way I feel about you.’ I almost fell over. I was freaked out! I never think of myself like that. I try to be as normal as I can.”

In another part of the interview, Jack Black asked Ozzy which other metal bands he sees as pioneers, aside from Black Sabbath, to which he responded:

“It’s a nice thought, but we were very influenced by The Who, Led Zeppelin, Kinks… Fu****’ hell, when I heard The Kinks’ [proto-heavy metal 1964 single] You Really Got Me, I bought the single and I played it to fucking death. I couldn’t stop listening to it. I don’t get that anymore with music that I hear. I don’t listen to much modern music. There’s no new music at all – it’s all fucking rehashed.”

In the early 2000s, Ozzy Osbourne met with Paul McCartney, and this was the first time the two veterans met, despite their long-standing careers. During a studio session, Osbourne asked McCartney to contribute to one of his tracks by playing the bass. McCartney declined the request, stating that he wouldn’t be able to improve on the existing bassline.

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