Ozzy Osbourne’s Emotional Plea: “All I Want Is Just One More Show”

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In a heartfelt interview with Rolling Stone, Sharon Osbourne and her daughter Kelly shared intimate details about Ozzy Osbourne decision to refrain from performing at the upcoming Power Trip festival. The behind-the-scenes look provided a window into the inner conflict Ozzy feels, torn between his passion for the stage and other prevailing factors.

Kelly, reflecting on the family’s emotions, said:

“At home, we steer clear of discussing it. It’s too painful, witnessing his yearning for just one more moment on stage.”

The pull of that final encore is evident and weighs profoundly on their souls.

Sharon, always by Ozzy’s side, conveyed the depth of his longing. She said:

“Seeing his friends move on, while he remains on the sidelines, crushes him. He longs to share that stage with them.”

The festival isn’t merely a performance for Ozzy but a chance to bond with the music and the companions who’ve journeyed with him.

Highlighting Ozzy’s undiminished musical prowess, Kelly remarked:

“His voice hasn’t faltered. He could be on that stage right now, even seated.”

It’s clear that while Ozzy’s zeal and vocal talent remain unyielding, something holds him back. As Sharon intimates, his reasons are intricate and deeply personal, mirroring the profound emotional voyage he’s on.


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