‘Pantera Is The Best Heavy Metal Band, Not Metallica,’ Coal Chamber’s Dez Fafara Says

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During a recent conversation with Sense Music Media, Coal Chamber’s lead vocalist, Dez Fafara, made an intriguing remark, asserting that Pantera surpasses Metallica as the premier heavy metal band globally.

Fafara, who shares a strong bond with Pantera’s frontman, Philip Anselmo, stressed his allegiance to the band’s music, steering clear of the controversies linked to them. He recalled an episode from 2016 at the Dimebash event in Hollywood’s Lucky Strike Live, where Anselmo displayed a controversial gesture and uttered contentious remarks.

Fafara stated, “For me, it’s not Metallica but Pantera that takes the crown as the ultimate heavy metal band. Yes, Philip has a complicated history, with certain statements and actions, but let’s not get tangled in that.”

He also shared his personal journey alongside Pantera, including extensive touring and times of hardship when Anselmo’s residence became his refuge.

“The music is what I pledge my loyalty to. I’ve spent years touring the globe with Philip, sharing countless stages, and during my toughest times, it was his home that sheltered me. That’s why I stand by them, and I encourage others to explore their music too,” Fafara added.

Anselmo faced a storm of criticism for his actions during the Dimebash event, leading him to issue a heartfelt apology, stating:

“I’m far from what those actions might suggest. I’m not affiliated with any such ideologies. I’m my own person, and I deeply regret if my actions offended anyone – it was not my intention. I sincerely apologize and hope for your understanding and a chance to make amends. My love goes out to everyone.”

The aftermath of the 2016 incident reverberated through January 2023, with Pantera seeing the cancellation of several reunion concerts. These decisions, taken by promoters and event organizers, underscore the enduring influence of Anselmo’s past actions on the band’s legacy and future prospects.

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