Paul McCartney gave away Beatles song to another band – it hit number one

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There is not a single person on this planet who can neglect the Beatles co-vocalist and bassist, Paul McCartney’s music talent. He was not awarded eighteen Grammy awards for no reason. Although it was sad for the fans to see their favorite band break up, before their break up they recorded their eleventh studio album Abbey Road.

They were working on their new album in Abbey Road Studios back in 1969 however before any other members would show up, McCartney would reach the studio and write new tracks. He also completed writing his song however, he did not keep the song for the Beatles nor did he keep it for himself.

Instead, he gave the song to another band, and after its release, it became the number-one hit song. So which song is it and what band did he give the song to? we will discuss it further in the article.

The song Paul McCartney gave to another band

As mentioned Paul would reach the studio before the other members and work on a new song that he named “Come and Get It.” He said that the studio was just half an hour away so he created and recorded a new song. In their book The Beatles Anthology, Paul wrote, “Because I lived locally, I could get in half an hour before a Beatles session at Abbey Road – knowing it would be empty and all the stuff would be set up – and I’d use Ringo’s equipment to put a drum track down, put some piano down, quickly put some bass down, do the vocal, and double-track it.”

He recorded the demo all by himself in the studio. Although it is not really clear why he wanted to write this new song but many believe he did it just for fun.

After completing the song he gave it a little thought and decided to give it to another band so he decided to give it to The Iveys [Now Badfinger] as it was one of the bands that Apple Records [The Beatles founded the record label] were managing. They were all set to record and give their own sound however, Paul put up an agreement and said that the song should exactly sound like the demo he recorded.

Paul found the demo to be excellent. And although The Iveys wanted to do or create the song to their own music taste, Paul made them record it exactly like the demo. He explained, “They actually wanted to put their own variations on, but I said: No, this really is the right way.”

And they could not say no to him so they did it just the way Paul wanted them to. The band had already changed their name to Badfinger before they released Come and Get It. After its release, it became one of the very popular songs that even charted to number one in New Zealand’s singles charts.

Well, it did not stop there because a few months later it was featured in the movie The Magic Christian. And although fans loved Badfinger’s version, they still wanted to listen to McCartney’s demo version so, in the Beatles’ 1996 album Anthology 3, he also put his version of the song.

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