Paul McCartney Shares His Two Favorite Hobbies that Help Him Relax

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Most people associate Paul McCartney with The Beatles and as a great musician. Other than that, nothing much is known about how Paul enjoys his life or things like that. However, as his fans, people love to know more about Macca.

Fortunately, Paul has shared several things that he enjoys doing, and in this piece, we will discuss two of the hobbies he revealed that he likes doing.

Horse riding is one of Paul’s hobbies

Macca revealed during his monthly Q&A which fans call, “You Gave Me The Answer,” that horseriding is one of his favorite ways to relax. Moreover, Paul is an animal lover, he obviously is a vegetarian as well as an animal rights activist.

He owns a farm in Sussex, and he enjoys riding horses around his farm, which, as mentioned above, also relaxes him. When he was asked what he does to relax, he said that he has a great horse named Moonstar, whom he has ridden for several years, and he said that riding Moonstar and going out into the fields is a great way to relax.

Paul also said that he used to go out in the forest and clear paths to make horse trials. He said, “I would go out into the forest, and clear some paths, normally following animal paths like deer. Or some tracks had been made by forestry workers years before then had overgrown. So I’d make them into horse trails. Which is always very exciting when you’ve finished and you’ve joined one trail up to another.”

Paul loves watching TV

Macca refers to himself as a “big TV watcher” because he loves watching TV. He even said that he doesn’t like to watch shows or series on iPads but just prefers watching on TV. Paul says that watching television is not just his hobby but also a way for him to take his mind off things.

He explains that he does not particularly watch regular programs but he switches around a lot and gets hooked once he finds something that interests him. In his answer, he said that he likes watching shopping channels but also revealed that his wife Nancy finds it boring.

Paul then shared that it is hard for him to resist buying things after watching a shopping channel. He wrote, “you wouldn’t imagine I’d watch! I have to resist buying everything: ‘I need a can of that!’ DiDi Seven. There’s some stuff called DiDi Seven. It cleans everything! ‘I need some of that!’ Nancy will say, …Are you sure?”

It is really relaxing to watch TV not just for Paul but for many of us because just as Paul said, it is nice to escape and take mind off things.

Furthermore, while appearing in The Adam Buxton Podcast, Macca revealed he loves comedy and listed out a few of his favorite shows. He said that he likes comedy shows like “Would I Lie To You? Have I Got News For You, and Mock The Week.”

Paul also praised Would I Lie To You? star Lee Mack calling him “a very talented boy.” He said, “You sit at home with your friends or family and you say, ‘He’s lying, he’s lying”!’ That’s the kind of thing I like.”

Other than comedy, he said that he likes shows like Storage Hunters and American Pickers. However, as mentioned above, he mostly likes comedies.

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