Paul McCartney’s Note Regarding Imagine Dragons’ Beatles Cover Recalled by Dan Reynolds

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Imagine Dragons is one of the most popular pop bands, they have billions of views on several of their music videos on YouTube. With this much stardom, there is no stopping criticism, while there are many people who really love their work there are also those who criticize them. This band was even criticized by the vocalist and frontman of Slipknot, Corey Taylor, who said that the band was “awful” whereas thrash metal band Exodus’ guitarist Gary Holt called the band “suck.”

All the criticism led the frontman Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons to suffer from depression, however, he might have been really happy after he got the note from Paul McCartney for Imagine Dragons’ cover of the Beatles song.

Dan has been a huge fan of the Beatles ever since he was young and he has mentioned that the Beatles have had a huge influence on him as well as on his band. And one can only imagine how much it might have meant to Reynolds when he was praised by his idols. It was like a dream come true moment for him.

Imagine Dragons gave tribute to the Beatles

Back in 2014, as to tribute to the Beatles, a television special “The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to the Beatles” was taped and aired on 9th February, the same day when the Beatles debuted on United States television. And the television special featured various artists and bands covering Beatles’ songs including Imagine Dragons.

Imagine Dragons performed or covered “Revolution 1” from the Beatles’ album called The Beatles. While they were performing the song, Dan was really nervous because the Beatles’ members Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were present watching their performance. It was really a big deal for him, not only for him but to cover the Beatles’ songs in front of Paul and Ringo is a huge deal for anyone. Dan said that performing the Beatles’ song in front of Paul and Ringo was the most nervous thing he’s ever done.

Furthermore, he said that Ringo gave him a kiss and he was blown away because he got the kiss from the man who he considers his hero. However, that is not all, even Paul McCartney was impressed with Dan and his band. McCartney wrote a note for them where he mentioned that he really enjoyed their performance.

Talking to NME Dan Raynolds said, “At our studio in Las Vegas, one of the first things you see as you walk in is the kind note that Paul wrote to us saying he really enjoyed our cover of ‘Revolution.’ That’s the first thing you see – before a Grammy or anything – which is how impactful it was to us.”

While the members of Slipknot and Exodus criticized Imagine Dragons, the most iconic musicians Paul and Ringo, members of the most influential and popular rock band the Beatles’ said that they were fans of Imagine Dragons and even praised and kissed Dan, he must have felt so great. I mean who wouldn’t feel great about it after all the Beatles are the most popular bands of all time and both Paul and Ringo are musical legends.

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